Trimble R7 - The Total Modular Solution

Offers comprehensive GNSS support in a modular design that employs an external GNSS antenna for greater freedom to adapt depending on the application.

Trimble R7 GNSS


  • Advanced, modular 72-channel system configuration
  • Trimble R-Track satellite tracking technology
  • External high power UHF radio provides the flexibility to be used on the pole or as a base station
  • Select from the Zephyr-2 GNSS antenna or the Zephyr-2 GNSS Geodetic antenna
  • Partner with Trimble Access and the TSC3 controller


The Trimble R7 offers a comprehensive GNSS support in a rugged, modular  design that employs and external GNSS antenna for greater flexibility.  Ideal for multiple surveying applications including topographic, land  administration, seismic, stakeout and control.

Trimble R-Track Technology

  • Supports the GPS Modernization signals L2C, L5 and GLONASS
  • 3 levels of OmniSTAR positioning " OmniSTAR HP, OmniSTAR XP and OmniSTAR VBS
  • Tracks both GPS and GLONASS Satellites

Trimble Zephyr Geodetic 2 ground plane antenna

  • As a rover the Trimble R7 with Trimble Zephyr 2 antenna is extremely flexible
  • Carry the receiver on the pole
  • Wear it in the purpose-built backpack
  • Drive with it inside your vehicle

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